The Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) Parnership

(Yr Wyddfa - pronounced uhr-with-va)

The Yr Wyddfa Partnership is a group set up to create and then implement a new management plan for Yr Wyddfa. The Partnership brings together the organisations and landowners that are responsible for the on-the-ground management of the mountain, ranging from conservation work and path management to tourism, farming and mountain rescue.

We are at an interesting time for the management of special places like Yr Wyddfa, at a time where understanding, respect and consensus about the way forward is key. The challenges and opportunities that arise in the area cannot be met by an individual, business or organisation and so we have joined forces as organisations, businesses and individuals who operate in the area, to create a joint plan. The Plan will shape the way we work in the area in the future.
— Emyr Williams, Chief Executive, Snowdonia National Park Authority

Our vision for Yr WYDDFA

We will work together to care for Snowdon’s exceptional beauty and heritage, and ensure a healthy and productive ecosystem where integrated services work together for the long-term needs of the local environment, communities, culture and visitor experience. We will take action to safeguard its unique character, ensuring the involvement of local people, contributing to their benefit and the benefit of the local economy.  Our aim is for all people to respect, enjoy, understand and care for the mountain and its environment.
— Yr Wyddfa Partnership