Snowdon, Yr Wyddfa in Welsh (pronounced uhr-with-va), is a globally renowned, iconic mountain.

Yr Wyddfa is home to vibrant, energetic communities and a mosaic of upland hill farms. It is a national asset, the most visited mountain in the UK, attracting people from across Wales, the UK and around the world. Caring for Yr Wyddfa is a complex business, requiring close collaboration in the work that we do. This is why we have created a Partnership Plan for the mountain.

Below you will find our shared plan for the future of Snowdon. Section 2 "What Yr Wyddfa looks like now" contains a wide range of data and infographics on Snowdon. Please feel free to re-produce this data - we just ask that you reference the Snowdon Partnership Plan as the source. If you'd like high res infographics please get in touch.

In section 3 & 4, we set out our plans for the future. If you like us to help us achieve any of these projects we're always looking for more help so please get in touch!